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Updates, mid-June 2009

Fund Beach  School

June 14, 2009 (From Kate Underwood).

We’ve raised $67,771 through community donations, the Ferndale School District has secured $60,000 in stimulus funds and lowered the cuts by $2,100, that means we only have $21,129 to meet our goal.

June 12, 2009. (From Judy Thomas, Beach School Manager. This also will be published in the June Tome, the LICA newsletter)

Our thanks to all of the Island community and off-Island friends goes beyond words.  Your support has been incredible.  We have received over $57,000 and are now discussing trades with the district to reduce the total cash figure needed to run next year.  For example, the PTO will pay for after school enrichments and field trips, etc.  Each trade off reduces the total money required/requested by the district.

We understand that changing figures is confusing to all of us.  But the district is finding ways to resolve Beach’s budget problems for 2009-10.  The original $151,000 was revised to $148,900.  The district reduced it again by $20,000 for transportation, bringing the total down to $128,900.  In addition, Terri’s position was reinstated by the district at no cost to Beach for 2009-10.  Now the total needed for next year is closer to $70,000.

Many of you have asked, how much more do you need?  Our priority is to rehire as many staff members as possible.  A final issue is that there will be budget concerns for the 2010-11 school year.  Do we stretch out the donations over two years?  Terry Terry and Kate Underwood are organizing the “Beach Foundation” which will seek grants for continued financial support of the school.

As I write, I cannot predict the future.  I will know more after June 16th.  There will have been a Public Hearing to discuss the district budget.  The final budget is scheduled for adoption on June 24th.  On the 16th and 24th we will send official notices to Brown Betty and post information at the Islander and Post Office.

Again, we love you all and thank you,  Beach Staff


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