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    Attend the June 16, 2009 Ferndale School Board meeting for public input on the draft 2009-2010 budget.
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    June 16, 7:00 PM Ferndale School Board meeting to hear public input on the draft 2009-2010 FSD Budget.

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Here’s a brief overview of how the funding situation has emerged this spring. (Note, June 1: Soon, “2 months ago” etc will be replaced with dates.)

2 months ago we learned that Ferndale School District threatened Beach School with losing half of its students or closing altogether.

3 weeks ago Beach School PTO made a presentation to the Ferndale District Board of Directors, counter-proposing how we would cooperate and assist the district in meeting budget needs without compromising ours. The Fund Beach School campaign was born.

2 weeks ago Ferndale District informed us that the school would stay open. However, its recommendation including excising the budget by nearly one-third, leaving a funding gap in excess of $150,000. Most of that trimmed faculty and staff drastically, to bare bones, plus suggested elimination of services such as music ed, librarian, and school bus.

3 days ago Beach School learned that, through continued positive collaboration and negotiation with Ferndale School District, all teachers will remain in place.

Recently, representatives of Beach School PTO met with our principal and the Ferndale District business manager to assess the situation and determine precise monetary needs.

  • The synchronized, strategic efforts of Beach School PTO, administration, faculty, and staff, and the Lummi Island community at large have worked remarkably within a short time frame, and must continue to gain momentum. Now we are left with….

15 days: The precious little time we have to raise necessary monies to Fund Beach School. This initiative will keep the school operating fully staffed, without significant disruption.


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