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         3786 Centerview Road
         Lummi Island, WA 98262

    Attend the June 16, 2009 Ferndale School Board meeting for public input on the draft 2009-2010 budget.
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    June 16, 7:00 PM Ferndale School Board meeting to hear public input on the draft 2009-2010 FSD Budget.

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Here’s why

The Ferndale School District board has proposed to cut almost one-third of our 2009-2010 budget by more than $150,000.

Budget cuts mandated by the State Legislature led subsequently to emergency proposals by the Ferndale School District.

The recommended cutbacks would undermine Beach School with unintended consequences to this tightly-knit community.

The school board’s plan eliminates most of Beach School’s support staff, and all special programs, such as music and library. The proposal’s effect extends even beyond Beach School in the community – ending school bus transportation to all Lummi Island students K-12.

Simply put, we Lummi Islanders and our students love the Beach School. Passionately. We love everything about it.

  • The welcoming and warm caretaking of its children.
  • Its integral role in the fabric of a complete village, woven with a broad and strong history of community involvement.
  • And its strong education foundation that has produced consistent academic excellence (including a past Rhodes Scholar and 2 National Merit Scholar qualifiers just this year).

Erosion of the quality of education and services at Beach School would ripple through the entire community on many levels, and leave Lummi Island less appealing as a choice for families.

We must, we will, change that direction. Here’s how you can help.


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