Send funds
    Write your check to LICA
    In the check memo, write:
         Fund Beach School
    Mail or deliver the check to:
         Beach School PTO
         3786 Centerview Road
         Lummi Island, WA 98262

    Attend the June 16, 2009 Ferndale School Board meeting for public input on the draft 2009-2010 budget.
  • Upcoming events

    June 16, 7:00 PM Ferndale School Board meeting to hear public input on the draft 2009-2010 FSD Budget.

    For other events, see Events Page or do a search for "events".
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More reasons why

We can cut back on paper. We can change the lunch program. We can cut our own lawn. We can cut back on field trips, and even give up the school bus, if we have to.

But we don’t have to.

And we certainly refuse to lose Beach School’s heart and soul: Teachers. Teacher aides. Staff.

The reason we won’t have to is you. With your help, today, we can avoid all cutbacks.

Staffing does not stand at risk alone. The Ferndale School District proposals impose on everyone in our community. The uniqueness of Beach School’s history comes from the way its students, through as many as five generations of families, have functioned in oneness with the entire island population.

Viewed through a century of synergy, the record shows clearly that Beach School touches every life on the island. Flowers for friends. Flags for graves on Veteran’s Day. Plays on the stage. Field trips. Music and circus, special reading and writing projects, jogging the schoolyard for dollars. Visceral involvement, from ages 5 to 95.

Your tax-deductible donation to Fund Beach School reinforces our commitment to sustain the quality of education and quality of life together on Lummi Island that we’ve loved so much for so long.

Beach School is special. It’s an island icon. A Lummi Island family donated it, and Lummi Island grew it. Beach School’s heartbeat is our heartbeat, and we all know the benefit of healthy hearts.

Thank you for participating.  Stay abreast by visiting this site often, and let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.


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